Flipping burgers in Silicon Valley?

Is your job safe?
The Mercury News cites a Gartner report:

“Next year, 1 in 10 technology jobs at companies that specialize in information technology will have moved overseas”

Silicon Valley Biz Ink expands on the story:

Several of Silicon Valley’s largest employers are moving up the food chain and sending research and development work overseas as well.

A Merc editorial puts a brave face on the situation: Valley future lies where it always has: innovation.

Although, the editorial notes: “Nearly one in five jobs have vanished in the last three years”

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Who in their right mind would buy something from a spammer?

Lots of insecure men, according to Wired News. More than 6,000 people responded to spam advertizing pills that claim to enlarge a part of the male anatomy.

“There was a picture on the top of the page that said, ‘As Seen on TV,’ and I guess that made me think it was legit”