Customizing ARM for Iphone

New iPhone Chip Will Cost an ARM and a Missile

Wei-han Lien, the senior manager of Apple’s chip team, [says on LinkedIn] he’s busy at work crafting an ARM processor for the next-generation iPhone.

PA Semi had assembled an all-star cast of chip engineers, including Lien, and Apple confirmed that it bought the company for that talent. In a June interview with The Times’ John Markoff, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs went one step further, saying the PA Semi team would work on designing brand-new processors for future iPhones and iPods. The only question was which kind of processors. […]

By developing its own ARM variant, Apple could create a processor that meets the specific needs of the iPhone and iPod, building support for functions such as the touch screen or scroll wheel into silicon and possibly savings on costs by reducing the number of processors needed in each device. […]

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