Just a little touch-up

I don’t pay much attention to fashion or women’s magazines. There’s only so many articles on the lives of celebrities or new fad diets that I can take. And it bothers me that most of these magazines project an image of unattainable female perfection to so many women (and young girls).

Of course, we all know that a lot of photos in those magazines are extensively doctored. But most of my girl friends would not have noticed anything unusual about the July 2007 Redbook cover. (Other than noting that Faith Hill looks pretty good for a 39 year old mother of three.)

Well, the Jezebel gossip site got hold of the original photos of Faith before Photoshop, and put them together in a “before and after” animation: Redbook Shatters Our Faith.

It’s like one of those “spot the differences” games in the newspaper. When you flip back and forth between them, the effect is uncanny and pretty frightening. Not only did Redbook clean up her crow’s feet, but they actually changed the shape of her back and arms. Her arm after modification looks like it belongs on a space alien. Or a n anorexic super-model.

For a list of what changed, see the numerically-annotated version of the photo.