CD sales fall as iTunes rises

Maybe I’m just old-school. But I still buy music on CDs. (Mostly from live concerts). And I still want to be able to listen to my music in 10 years, which is a lifetime in the tech industry. What’s the likelihood that the companies responsible for today’s DRM schemes will still be in business in 2017?

According to music industry analysts though, I’m in the minority. They’re starting to ask Is the CD Becoming Obsolete?

iTunes is now the third largest music retailer in the country – this according to stats from the first quarter of 2007. iTunes has 9.8% of the retail music marketshare with Wal-mart taking 15.8% and Best Buy 13.8%. That’s a LOT of music sales.
In contrast, and to give you a perspective of the change, has a 6.7% share while Target has around 6.6%.

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