Your tax dollars at work

Ok, so I was kind of upset when President Bush announced in his 2004 State of the Union address that NASA should plan a manned mission to Mars. Not that they’re getting any additional funding for a Mars shot. No, they’ll just have to gut their successful planetary science program, unmanned rovers and the Hubble telescope in order to work on a pointless publicity exercise. (Hey, anything to distract us from the quagmire in Iraq.)

Fair enough. So what do we the taxpayers get for our investment?
NASA is building its very own Bouncy Castle!

Inflato Moon dome

NASA tests moon building

That’s right. Imagine all the fun those astronauts will have in this big inflatable dome! Personally, I think NASA should have spent the extra bucks for the inflatable slide too.

OK, so maybe it makes sense to build light if you’re paying like $1000 a pound for overweight luggage. But wait. Something else seems out of proportion here. Let’s take a closer look.

NASA moon building air lock - CNET

Just look at the size of that airlock door! Is that really reinforced steel?

They’re using bulkhead door from Das Boot and attaching it to a nylon tent? If anyone slams the door too hard, the whole castle will flip over! Or that door will just rip right off and end up embedded in the dirt outside. I hope someone remembered the patch kit.

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