Googlers in Paradise

A Google tourist over at Valleywag reports back after scoring a coveted Free Lunch at Google.

Well I had my lunch at Google last week. And I can describe it in one word. Paradise. Make that two words. Freaking Paradise.

Allow me to give you a flavor: The sun was shining, the smell of meat grilling in the outdoors, a good-natured volleyball game in progress, the tinkling sounds of children’s laughter (I don’t know where they came from, maybe they were avatars.)

Googlers drinking their lunchtime libation out of coconuts. Yes. That’s right. Out. Of. Coconuts.

Deep breath, Nick.

There was a mango lassi machine. As if everyone is entitled to a mango lassi. What kind of world is this? Mango lassi is special, exotic, meant for only those who deserve such a treat. Unless you are at Google, where it’s mango lassi madness.