Heft on wheels

I heard an entertaining story on NPR the other night. Mike Magnuson (author of “Lummox“), wrote “Heft on Wheels” about how he got bit by the biking bug. And went from being 5’10”, 250 lbs, smoking 2 packs a day and drinking every other night to being a 175 lb racing machine. Of course, he did it all wrong, and almost killed himself in the process. But I feel some kinship for the guy.

He talked about how in bicycling, it’s all about being able to take the punishment. And he suffered a lot at the back of the pack when he was still a Lummox. Funny thing is, as you get better, you keep pushing yourself, and take on new challenges. So now he’s fit and healthy and competing in tough races and _still_ suffering. And loving it.

That’s today’s metaphor about life, kids.