How big a problem is crimeware?

The Rise of Crimeware

David Perry, Global Director of Education, Trend Micro:

The FBI reported two weeks ago that $67.2 billion a year is lost to cybercrime. That’s hundreds of millions of dollars a day.

Even more insidious than phishing is “pharming.” Pharming is where the attackers poison the DNS with false information […] you simply type your bank’s URL into your browser and the DNS misdirects you to the Russian mafia.
Incidentally, a lot of this crimeware does originate with the Russian mafia, and the FBI tells me that much of the stolen money ends up in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, where we cannot get it back through extradition.

Perry reported that “earlier this month at the Antispyware Coalition meeting in Washington, the head of the [National Network to End Domestic Violence] claimed that spyware is involved in more than 90 percent of all domestic violence cases.”

I tried unsuccessfully to find some justification for that number. It seems unbelievable that 90% of domestic violence cases even have computers.

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