Putting down Aibo

It’s a sad day for Sony Aibo owners. Sony announced last week that it will stop making the plucky little robot dogs. The Aibo, which costs $2,000, is being eliminated along with several other unprofitable Sony products.

The announcement has elicited shock and consternation from the dozens of Aibo owners living in their parents’ basements around the country.

Bruce Binder, an electromechanical engineer from Rancho Cordoba, Calif., has spent about $90,000 to acquire 56 Aibos. “I’m disappointed, but it’s not a shock,” Mr. Binder said. “I think Sony’s making a mistake.”

“I love them, they’re great,” said Craig Lee, a technical support specialist at a Chicago insurance company, who owns 40 Aibos. “I think of them as dogs.”

I know it’s tough, boys, but I feel your pain. Several years ago, Silverlit stopped making the ICybie robotic dog. That mongrel was never even as popular as the Aibo.

And I own three ICybies.

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