And look at all the progress we’ve made

“Two years from now, spam will be solved,” Microsoft’s Bill Gates said at the 2004 World Economic Forum. Well, two years have passed. And spam is still a constant tax on users and networks. But Microsoft can still claim that Bill’s prediction has come true.

To “solve” the problem for consumers in the short run doesn’t require eliminating spam entirely, said Ryan Hamlin, [Microsoft manager of anti-spam programs]. Rather, he said, the idea is to contain it to the point that its impact on in-boxes is minor.

Sword of Damar: 12 gold pieces, plus tax

Legal Affairs

What about the assets I bartered for or won in the game but never sold in the real world, the suits of armor stashed here and there with their easily established fair market value? What if I traded those assets for their value in Ultima Online’s official currency, the Britannian gold piece, rather than for dollars? Wouldn’t it be easy to establish their value in dollars nonetheless and, if I owed American taxes on the exchange, put a number on the deal that the IRS could grasp and love? And what about all the other MMO players out there—how long could the IRS be expected in good conscience to leave the resulting millions of dollars in wealth untouched?