God wants you to be rich!

Preaching a Gospel of Wealth

“Remember,” says Rev. Creflo A. Dollar Jr. “if you sow a seed on a good ground, you can expect a harvest.”
Mr. Dollar, [yes, that’s his real name] whose Rolls-Royces, private jets, million-dollar Atlanta home and $2.5 million Manhattan apartment, furnish proof to his followers of the validity of his teachings, is a leading apostle of what is known as the “prosperity gospel.”
The theology taps into the country’s self-help culture, said William C. Martin, a professor emeritus of religion and public policy at Rice University in Houston. “One of the goals of America is for you to become prosperous,” he said. “For the church to put a blessing on that and say, ‘God wants you to be rich,’ is quite appealing.”

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