I may be ugly, but don’t I smell great?

Research indicates that men and women are attracted to mates that smell different than themselves, and are more likely to be genetically different. However, women are more attracted to faces of men who are genetically similar: “Facial attractiveness and smell give us contradictory messages about how to select mates”. The suggestion is that:

“Filtering” for mates takes place at two levels – the first based on facial likeness to select someone not too distantly related, and the second based on smell, essentially to avoid in-breeding.

Old, Dumb and Happy

They say that ignorance is bliss. Now Scottish researchers tell us that intelligence is irrelevant to a happy old age: “Intelligence may lead to a better paid job and quality of life but, in old age, cleverness has no effect on happiness”.

“We found no association between levels of mental ability and reported happiness, which is quite surprising because intelligence is highly valued in our society,” says Alan Gow.

Good thing, too. Because I know that I’m getting stupider as I get older.

Of course the Scotts are not known as a particularly happy people. I often quote this cheery Scottish birthday greeting:

You’re born in pain.
You live in fear.
You die alone.

Happy Birthday

But keep donating to our ministry anyway

A rigorous new double-blind study contradicts earlier research on the power of prayer.

Praying for sick strangers does not improve their prospects of recovering, according to a large, carefully designed study that casts doubt on the widely held belief that being prayed for can help a person heal.

The researchers acknowledged that it was impossible to make any firm conclusions because of the difficulty of studying something such as prayer. The study, for example, could not accurately measure factors as fundamental as the “dose” of prayer administered and could not account for the possible effects of family members praying for patients on their own, the researchers noted.