The United Arab Emirates is responding to human rights complaints that young boys trained as camel jockeys are being kept in slave-like conditions. They recently passed laws requiring jockeys to be at least 18 years old. And they plan to purchase up to 10,000 robot jockeys from foreign firms to replace the young riders.

I for one, welcome our new robo-jockey overlords.

Gates Puzzled by Computer Science Apathy

Bill Gates
doesn’t understand why more students don’t want to enter computer science. Never mind that most computer science graduates won’t work in computer science.

Princeton dean Maria Klawe suggests another reason for the shortfall:

Most students she talks to fear that computer science would doom them to isolating workdays fraught with boredom — nothing but writing reams of code.

Gates said computer scientists need to do a better job of dispelling that myth and conveying that it’s an exciting field.

Actually, Timmy, you won’t have a chance to write reams of code. That job was just outsourced to Bangalore.