Reality TV meets Lavalife

The New York Times reviews the new ABC series “Hooking Up”: Described as a “documentary series from ABC News” that “goes inside the unpredictable world of online dating.”

Whatever. It still sounds like reality TV to me. But the reviewer still seems to enjoy the show.

I find “Hooking Up” comical, sad, entertaining and enlightening. […] And it’s illuminating about the marvels and shortcomings of online dating.

Much is made of the casual deception that is common on online dating sites.

A big deal for online daters is how honest people are in the profiles they post, and in their pictures, which often seem so enhanced as to qualify more as painting than photography. The clumsiest online daters often greet would-be soul mates with angry accusations of false advertising.

Update: Regina Lake over at Slate was less kind. Net Dating Is Painful Reality TV: “It’s like watching a handful of your most clueless acquaintances stumble through one botched romantic encounter after another.”

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