Offshoring projections

Offshoring in eye of beholder

Total employment in the information technology services sector will reach 6.9 million in 2008, and 770,000 jobs (13 percent of sector employment in developed countries) will be performed offshore in low-wage countries. That’s up from 371,000 IT services jobs performed offshore in 2003.
As much as 44 percent of all jobs in the sector potentially could be performed remotely, equivalent to 3 million employees, McKinsey said.

And in the packaged software sector, McKinsey projected that an estimated 116,000 jobs–18 percent of sector employment in developed countries–will be performed by employees in low-wage countries by 2008, compared to 44,000 in 2003. Nearly half (49 percent) of the estimated 690,000 packaged software jobs in 2008 could be performed remotely.

Diane Schuur at Yoshi’s

On Saturday I went up to Yoshi’s in Jack London Square, Oakland, to see Diane Schuur with the Caribbean Jazz Project.

On her new Concord CD, Schuur Fire, she collaborates with the fiery Grammy Award-winning Latin jazz ensemble Caribbean Jazz Project, led by vibraphonist and marimba player Dave Samuels. Schuur and Samuels takes us island hopping in the Caribbean with passionate and infectious Latin rhythms.

It was a fun show, and we had terrific seats, right in front of the stage. Diane sang, and did not play piano, but man, what a set of pipes on that lady!

Yoshi’s is a fun place. I had never been there before. But I enjoyed the combination of jazz club and sushi bar. After all, when you think jazz, you immediately think of sushi, right?