Learn computer programming and get a better job?

The AP reports fewer and fewer graduates in engineering and computer science will actually work in the high-tech industry. Programming Jobs Losing Luster in U.S. Instead, they are heading to careers in management consulting and marketing.

As tens of thousands of engineering jobs migrate to developing countries, many new entrants into the U.S. work force see info tech jobs as monotonous, uncreative and easily farmed out — the equivalent of 1980s manufacturing jobs.

“U.S. graduates probably shouldn’t think of computer programming or chemical engineering as long-term careers” according to Albert C. Gray.

At Stanford, career experts […] suggest students develop foreign language skills to land jobs as cross-cultural project managers — the person who coordinates software development between work teams in Silicon Valley and the emerging tech hub of Bangalore, India, for example.

Yeah, that’s the ticket – after all, there aren’t any good project managers in Bangalore, right?

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