Don’t innovate, for goodness sake!

Yesterday’s Mercury News has all but written off Transmeta, at one time the Darling of the Valley.
Transmeta — how a great idea, brilliant minds and big investors equaled a big flop.

The Merc expects Transmeta to quit the business of selling processors, after several years of unsuccessfully trying to compete with Intel.
Instead, they’ll focus on their IP business … and probably lay off half their employees.

But all is not lost. Their radical ideas will undoubtably live on in later, successful ventures.

“The most innovative companies rarely succeed,” said Paul Saffo, a director of the Institute for the Future. “But Silicon Valley is built on the rubble of failure, not on the spires of success. Their intellectual property will get recycled by the valley and continue to move it forward.”

I’m sure that’s a big comfort to all those workers about to get “recycled” in the valley.

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